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Thursday 16 July 2020

Colorobbia Polska Sp. z o.o. came into being with the intention to produce and sell the products of the Gruppo Colorobbia into the Eastern European market.

The Gruppo Colorobbia based in Sovigliana Vinci (Florence), Italy, has been world leader in ceramics since 1921.

Their success is based on Technology, Development, Service & Innovation, and on the creation and subsequent maintenance of the relations between customers and Group Companies.
Constant updating of the existing equipment in all our Group companies enables the manufacturing and vertical integration process which was initiated some time ago and which now goes from raw materials to advanced ceramics to be achieved.

Frits Product of the Gruppo Colorobbia

The frits that Colorobbia Polska Zp. z o.o. sells, which are developed and manufactured by other companies in the Gruppo Colorobbia, are the result of a careful selection of the best raw materials from all over the world.

Pigments Product of the Gruppo Colorobbia

Our pigments, produced within Gruppo Colorobbia companies, are metal oxides with complex inorganic structures. They are available in powders, with a particle size which guarantees their easy dispersal...

Glazes Product of the Gruppo Colorobbia

Glazes and Engobes are the most frequently used materials in industrial and artistic ceramics. Proper formulation of their components allows optimal adaptation to the different types of firing, technologies and application systems.

Screen Printing Bases Product of the Gruppo Colorobbia

These are powder glazes which enable printing of a ceramic design on the surface of a ceramic piece using current decorative techniques, both by means of a flat screen printing machine and rotary ones.

Special Products

  • Crushed frits
  • Atomized and Pelletized
  • Triple fired decorative products
  • Glass decoration products
Colorobbia Cinks

Gruppo Colorobbia

Through our close collaboration with Colorobbia España and Colorobbia Italia, where the Physical and Chemical Testing Department and Defect Evaluation Department are located, we can provide our customers with optimal responses.

Gruppo Colorobbia

Colorobbia Polska pays particular attention to research, personalization and performance of innovative technical proposals for the development of new products.

The technical and commercial network of the Gruppo Colorobbia allows us to provide our customers with the artistic needs of their market, by enhancing the competitiveness and innovativeness of the products they develop.

Gruppo Colorobbia

The quality of our products is guaranteed by using the most up-to-date technology and strict control over raw materials.

Gruppo Colorobbia

The environmental sensitivity entails a constant search and application of the best available technology in the manufacture of its products and optimization of processes that minimize the impact of industrial activity.